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Members card

Refonda members card – this card gives its owner an additional bonus to the current price from the price list . The bonus is calculated according to the amount of the previous year’s scrap surrendered .

Members card has three different levels , which depend on the volume of surrendered scrap. Bonus depends on the scrap you surrendered us.

Bonus groups:

  • Gold level ( annual 15 tons or more): 15 EUR / t - ferrous metal , 30 EUR / t - non-ferrous metal
  • Silver level ( annual 5-15 tons) : 10 EUR / t - ferrous metal , 20 EUR / t - non-ferrous metal
  • Bronze level ( annual 2-5 tons) : 5 EUR / t - ferrous metal , 15 EUR / t - non-ferrous metal

Benefits to the owners of Refonda members card:

For the first time, Refonda will give you a members card for  free ( regular price € 3 ). Refonda members card has no limitations on the duration of action. Refonda members card remains with the customer for life , and since the card is not nominal , it can be transmitted to your friends . Thus, card is getting maximum bonus  and justifies itself at the first use. Bonuses will be  paid to the cardholder reviewed and approved for the coming year based on the amount of the previous year  surrendered scrap .

How to become Refonda member card owner?

Member card can be obtained from any our metal scrap yard. You need to fill in the  form and give it to the weight operator. Your members card will be activated within 2 working days.

Validity Refonda members card:

Members card can be used in all Refonda’s admission points.



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