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Caring for the environment

Utilization of resources - is a continuous cyclic process, similar to a continuously operating machine. 

Natural materials are extracted, processed and transformed into products. Then they become obsolete, but after recycling and processing, they are returned back in the production process. Without recycling, useful materials become potentially hazardous, and, instead of  preserving natural resources, destroy them.

Recycling contributes, to a great extent, to the preservation of the environment. Using recoverable resources also provides significant savings, in comparison to main production cycle.

Scrap metal recycling saves up to 74% of electricity and 40% of water consumption, air pollution is reduced by 86% and water pollution by 76%.

Each ton of recycled steel saves 1 133 kg of iron ore, 630 kg of coal and 55 kg of limestone.

Applying modern technology and investing in advanced processing facilities, our Company, along with our clients, is striving to achieve maximum benefits from the process of recycling materials.

Operating license issued by Ministry of the Environment.


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