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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the categories (classes) of the scrap and prices for the scrap ?

The category (class) of the scrap metal and prices for scrap metals at the BLRT Refonda Baltic OU scrap yard that you are interested in, you can find here: non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, or you may use our information phone - 1817. For more detailed information, please, call 1817 – we shall be happy to answer your questions.

Is it possible to deliver several categories of metal simultaneously? How is price determined for such mixed metal ?

Yes you can deliver several categories of metal in one lot. To do this, it is necessary to load the metal so that it is possible to unload it by separate categories of metal, one at a time, and weigh the remaining load at the second weighing. If the material is not sorted, the superviser of the yard will distribute the weight between the categories by percentage.

Where is situated the nearest scrap collection yard of BLRT Refonda Baltic OU ?

Branches of BLRT Refonda Baltic OU are situated in the following cities and towns of Estonia:

  • Tallinn, Kopli 103;
  • Tallinn, Betooni 7/ Silluse 15;
  • Tartu, Vitamiini 3;
  • Pärnu, Savi 37;
  • Rakvere, Narva 25А;
  • Kohtla-Järve, Ehitajate 120;
  • Narva, Jola 38; Türi, Jaama, Яаама 22А;
  • Võru, Kaubajaama tee 1.

What are business hours of the branches ?


Does BLRT Refonda Baltic OU assist with removals of scrap metal? What is the cost of transportation services ?

We offer removal of scrap metal in containers or by truck with a crane.

Within Tallinn city limits, the container is worth 45 €. 

Outside Tallinn, the price is – 0.99 € / km (from our yard at Kopli 103 to the site  of loading and back) + 35 € for loading services. Also, at every scrap collection yards of BLRT Refonda OU (exept Kopli 103 Tallinn), you can rent a trailer for a passenger car, for 4 hours – free of charge.

How is payment effected for the delivered scrap metal ?

Payment is effected to the bank account. To individual persons – right on the day of delivery of the metal (in some cases - on the next business day) and to legal persons - in accordance with the due date, stipulated in the correctly issued invoice for the scrap delivered.

What documents are needed for registering the delivery of scrap by a legal entity?

According to the law of the Republic of Estonia, in order to receive payment for the scrap metal delivered by a legal entity (either company, or individual entrepreneur), such legal entity must issue an Invoice in the name of BLRT Refonda Baltic OU, based on the Delivery and Acceptance Act for the scrap metal, signed by both parties, and send it to us for payment.

What documents are required to deliver a car for recycling ?

In order to deliver a car for recycling, you must submit a document confirming your right to dispose of the vehicle (vehicle registration document, purchase-and-sale contract and/or letter of proxy from the owner of the car).

When do you need a power of attorney ?

The power of attorney is needed when you deliver the metal and the payment for it must be received by some other person. In this case, the person in whose name the Acceptance Act is made, must issue a handwritten letter of proxy.

What is the cost of dismantling and dismounting the structures and objects ?

The cost of dismantling depends on the complexity of the object, so to obtain a quotation please contact the manager BLRT Refonda Baltic OU in your area.

How does the system of price bonuses work ?

A price bonus depends on the quality and quantity of the delivered material. To obtain a quotation, please, contact the manager of BLRT Refonda Baltic OU in your area.

Does BLRT Refonda Baltic OU accepts refrigerators ?

No, we do not accet refrigerators. Please, deliver them to the disposal site.

Does BLRT Refonda Baltic OU accept empty gas cylinders ?

Yes, BLRT Refonda Baltic OU accepts empty gas cylinders with disassembled filling valve (there should be an open orifice).



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